About Us

Founded in 2006, takram is a creative innovation firm with studios in Tokyo and London. Specialists in concept, product, and experience design, we work with leading international businesses and institutions across transportation, automotive, consumer products and technology, retail, finance and media.

Multi-disciplined, we thrive on the synergy of different talents and professions, and the scope of our projects range from hardware to software, from architecture to digital art, and from organisational communication to education programs.

What We Do

Driven by a passion for new approaches to business, social and cultural challenges, we transcend disciplines; and bridging the gap between design and engineering, the physical and the conceptual, the virtual and the real, we transform abstract ideas into applicable concepts, tangible products and compelling consumer experiences.



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Whether they’re making smartphone apps or art installations, the

rising stars at inter-disciplinary practice Takram Design Engineering

always have one foot in the future.


 an innovatice magazine on fashion, style,

 beauty & entertainment

Takram is a design engineering firm of the new age that features a multilateral

 development approach employing design and engineering perspectives

— dezeen;

 the world's most influential architecture,

 interior and design magazine