Nikkei Asia300 Newspaper Advert

Design of a Nikkei advert on Financial Times

As Nikkei's branding partner, Takram created a series of full-page advertisements printed in The Financial Times to celebrate the release of the Asia300 Index. The Asia300 Index is a stock market index focusing on 300 of the biggest and fastest growing companies around Asia. Takram was in charge of both art direction and the design of the advert.

On designing the advert, we combined red, the theme color for Asia300, along with the letter 'A', creating a symbolic graphic that expresses the brand.

Project Information

Nikkei Inc.


Project Lead and Copywriting:

Kotaro Watanabe (Takram)

Art Direction and Design:

Taro Yumiba (Takram)

Graphic Design Assistant:

Shohei Hasegawa (Takram)

Project Management:

Minoru Ito (Takram)


Zijun Zhao (Takram)


Taro Yumiba (Takram)