Letters from Masai Land

Book design, 2017

As Paris' café once became the base of Fitzgeraldo and Beauvoir, the coffee shop is always there, a place where authors write and discuss, and it can be a place to meet with readers by holding events. Kurumed Publishing is a company born from Kurumed Coffee in Nishi-kokubunji, Tokyo. Their aim is to make books that will still be read in a hundred years time by designing and delivering responsibly, just like they make coffee and cakes in Kurumed Coffee.

Maki Ota from Takram was in charge of the book design of their new edition "Letters from the Masai Land." In January 2017 a publication event was held at the coffee shop where the author, printing company, bookstore worker, and reader could interact directly, and each episode of the books production could be communicate. Through this type of interaction we aim to create a new dynamic within the publishing industry, where every member of the chain can know each other’s face.

Books can be purchased at several bookstores including Kurumedo Coffee. For details of store names please visit the Kurumedo Publishing website.


Client: Kurumed Publishing
Book Design, Editorial Design & Illustration: Maki Ota(Takram)
Print: Fujiwara Printing co.,Ltd
Bookbinding: Misuzudo


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