Moon Exploration Rover


The X Prize challenge is to design and successfully land an exploratory rover on the surface of the moon, drive it 500 meters or more over challenging terrain, capture and transmit live high resolution video and images back to mission control.

As a supporting company of HAKUTO, the Japanese team to compete for the Google Lunar XPRIZE, Takram provided the design concept and the styling, which provides an optimum solution between the cost and performance of the design. The functional design was fully thought through, representing everyone’s resolve to land on the moon, while solving the technical challenges.

Inspired by the functional and aesthetic complexities of the challenge, Takram’s design philosophy and approach drew on the full depth of the firm’s expertise across mechanical, electrical, software and hardware engineering.

The model on display is called Final Flight Model and is an exact replica of Team Hakuto’s actual moon rover that demonstrates the features that meet the strict design parameters.

The moon rover is due to land on the Moon in 2017.


Takram: Hisato Ogata / Seitaro Taniguchi / Sho Tanaka / Yuki Shinohara /
Google Lunar X Prize:
Team Hakuto for iSpace:


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