TOYOTA onboard infotainment system for Detroit Motor Show

NS4 is a next-generation concept car by Toyota, which was exhibited at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2012. The car is equipped with the latest PHV (plug-in hybrid system) and an exterior design based on aerodynamics. Takram was in charge of the user interface design and prototype development for the multi-touchscreen infotainment system that was installed in the cars interior.

CHALLENGE: Effectively providing information while driving

Since the driver has a limited field of vision and ability to shift eye level while driving, we focused on providing information in a way that is safe, simple and easy to use, and doesnt interfere with driving.

APPROACH: Fully implemented prototype

Taking full advantage of the specialized knowledge of hardware and software, Takram was engaged in the entire process of developing the prototype designed to be mounted in the concept car, from concept making to user interface design. The concept was further refined by rapidly repeating the prototyping process, resulting in a high-quality working prototype that combines a circuit board, hardware, electronics, and software.

DETAIL: Smooth two-monitor operation

NS4s infotainment system comprises two display monitors. One is a wide-angle monitor mounted beneath the windshield at a height adjusted to the drivers eye level. Beneath this monitor is a second, 7-inch multi-touch screen monitor. Through the wide-angle monitor, the driver can easily view the displayed content without the stress of having to change his eye-level while driving. On the other hand, the 7-inch multi-touch screen is designed to make even complex operations easy to handle. Contents displayed on these monitors are linked smoothly with animation.

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