Visual and perceptual experiments with plants

Is our perception of plant intelligence limiting our understanding of their potential? This was a question we asked ourselves as we considered alternative forms of intelligence.

Research suggests that plants have great capabilities to adapt, to survive in extreme environments and to compete with other plants. We challenged this ‘intelligence’ to sense a great variety of parameters that impact growth and species success, putting these skills to the test in a variety of playful Olympic experiments.

And, as technological research increasingly looks to new forms of artificial, machine and bio-intelligence, is it possible that plant adaptations can provide insights that can contribute to the development of these fields..?

Project Information



Takram Plantolympics Committee:
Seitaro Taniguchi, Taro Yumiba,

Renee Verhoeven (ex-Takram)

, Yosuke Ushigome,

Larissa Kunstel (ex-Takram)

Sound Design:
Keisuke Oyama
Animation Design:
Terushige Enatsu