Project q

UI/UX for digital reading environment

Takahiro Ueda, a Mishima award-winning writer is releasing his latest novel series "q" on a monthly literary magazine Shincho and on Yahoo! Japan’s smartphone website simultaneously for 9 months starting from September 2017.

Takram was in charge of designing the UX/UI of its reading experience on the Yahoo! Japan website, including the typography composition, new interactions for reading vertical text, and generative and interactive illustrations.

Project Information

Yahoo Japan Corporation


Direction & Context Design:
Kotaro Watanabe
Design Engineering Advisory:
Hisato Ogata
Software Design Engineering:
Minoru Sakurai
Design Engineering:
Ryosuke Fujii, Satoru Osawa
Graphic Design:
Taro Yumiba
UI Design:
Terushige Enatsu, Takeshi Saijo (ex-Takram)
Project Management:
Takeshi Saijo (ex-Takram)