Sound was also an important part of this project - please enjoy the reel with SOUNDS ON

Seed for adidas Terrex

Ever-evolving landscape animation for adidas Terrex, 2018

We were approached by adidas to explore the artistic use of technology as an expression of adidas Terrex’s active community. In response to the brief, we developed a generative data visualisation/AI system that tracked the community's social media activity to reflect the richness of content and user engagement in real-time.

adidas Terrex is the brand's outdoor athletic line known for its versatile and lightweight products. The brief was to explore and translate the Terrex athlete's experience on social media to a brand asset with the use of cutting-edge technology.

Working with AI image analysis techniques, we extracted image data from a #adidasterrex search on Instagram. We then used this data to power the evolution of an abstract mountainscape and to compose a generative soundtrack.

We fed the images into a GAN model trained on images of real mountains. The return is a mesmerising combination of visuals—an ML-driven, evolving mountainous landscape that mirrors the abstract.

Using an event or location-specific hashtags, we can yield unique content for specific moments, making it easy to create collateral specific to brand campaigns, sponsored events, product launches, store openings and more.

Abstract visualisation created from the social media meta info and ML generated image based on it


Planning, Direction: Mat Dobson (BYO)
Creative Direction & Technical Direction: Yosuke Ushigome (Takram)
Technical Advisory & AI Development: Memo Akten
Design & Development: Yosuke Ushigome (Takram), Ken Fujiyoshi (Takram)
Composition: Manabu Shimada

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