Small Planet

Movie content for TOYOTA global website, 2017

20 years after the release of their first mass-market version of the hybrid vehicle “Prius” in 1997, Toyota has marked a global sales of 10,000,000 units of their hybrid vehicles. To commemorate this achievement, Toyota hosted a global campaign Respect Nature, and Takram was in charge of planning and technical direction for Small Planet, one of the contents within the campaign.

We aimed to create an experience where we notice the beauty and vividness of the nature around us when they’re observed through the eyes and timescale of plants. The film was created by physically running the miniature of the first Prius and a mounted camera through a beautiful landscape.


Film Director: Eriko Noda
Technical Direction: Hisato Ogata, Seitaro Taniguchi (Takram)
Plant Direction&Design: SOLSO
Photographer: Hiroaki Muranaka
Lighting: Shingo Osada
Prop: Yamazaki art Co.,Ltd.
Sound: Keiji Matsui (echo and cloud studio)
Planning: Hisato Ogata (Takram), Takuya Shimada, Synaptic Designs Inc.
Creative Direction: Manjot Bedi (TYO)
Creative Produce: Synaptic Designs Inc.

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