Taste of Light

Speculative design challenge on sensory, 2015

Inspired by the phenomenon of “sun gazing,” a practice that includes the ability to survive without food, this project explores the possibility of extending the human capability to directly process energy from natural sunlight for nourishment. In our ongoing search for a ‘clean’ energy source, we exploited several resources, each implying different values and aesthetics. Rather than confirming the current trend of regenerative energies and limit our focus on making these resources accessible, “Taste of Light” tries to propose an alternative approach to energy to speculate upon. As eating, in general, is not only a vital need but also has sensorial and social aspects, this project investigates the aesthetic potential of ‘eating light,’ as well as the impact of accommodating our habits. How could we simulate the sensation of taste if the act of eating is no longer necessary?

International Design Biennale Saint Étienne, Hypervital, 2015

Lukas Franciszkiewicz (Takram London) was invited to participate in the Hypervital exhibition curated by Benjamin Loyauté as part of the International Design Biennale Saint Étienne 2015. The general theme of this year's Biennale is “The Experiences of Beauty”. Hypervital aims to deconstruct the models of acceptance and opposition and bring together as many minds as possible to shape the architecture of new thought to design tomorrow’s world.


Concept Development & Design: Lukas Franciszkiewicz (Takram London), Daniel Tauber


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