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Atsutaka Ino

  • Brand Designer
Brand designer who translates corporate culture and philosophy, as well as personal aesthetics and memories, into brand equity. He has worked on brand design and branding for a wide range of industries including legal, education, construction, furniture, stationery, online gifts, and apparel. After graduating from Keio University, he worked for a consulting firm specializing in B2C brand design, where his projects included brand concept design, customer experience optimization, and recruitment strategy development and execution. He also has experience in customer success, operations, and product development as an operations and development manager for a cosmetics brand. He is interested in the phenomenon in which users find meaning in things that inherently have little (or no) functional value, and designs brands using "Tada no Ishi (just rocks)" that have little or no functionality.

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Guri Amano
Project Facilitator
Naoaki Iwamatsu
Industrial Designer, Service Designer, Project Director
Jun Murakoshi
Product Designer, Service Designer, Project Director
Yuki Takai
Project Designer, Draft Designer, Project Director
Hayato Shin
Business Designer
Yasuhiro Sasaki
Futures Researcher, Project Director
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