We are Takram,
a global design innovation studio.

We partner with forward-thinking people and organisations to create transformative products, services, brands and ideas.

Our Mission

Discover and deploy value.
In our clients, society, and in ourselves.

We generate new value by working across sectors and disciplines, believing in the power of diversity, and being lifelong learners. We challenge the status quo, tackling complex problems affecting the world to create a better future.

Our Values

Learning Organisation

Ambitious and relentlessly curious, we are always seeking new ideas and perspectives to challenge the way we think.

Collective Openness

We celebrate the different viewpoints and skillsets of every team member when we come together as a group.

Thought Leadership

Our experience in different industries enables us to lead the discussion on design, business, and new technology.

Power of Making

We strive to be better makers and believe in bringing great ideas to life through skilful and detailed execution.

Pendulum Thinking

We move freely between design and engineering, thinking and doing to improve the outcome of our work.

What We Design

Brands & Strategy

We create brands and communications with real impact, for tiny startups and multinational companies alike. The outputs are physical and digital, encompassing packaging, installations, identities, campaigns, and more.

Products & Services

We make mobile apps and camera lenses, cars and uniforms. Working at every stage of development, from concept to execution, we build compelling products and services around a clear vision.

Futures & Global Research

We use design to shape what's next. From environmental vision reports to futuristic confection to ideas for artificial organs, our studios in Tokyo, London, and New York research and deliver innovative concepts across industries.

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