We are Takram, a global design innovation studio.
We partner with forward-thinking people and organisations
to create transformative products, services, brands and ideas.

We choose to design across sectors and disciplines.
Ideas from one often cross-pollinate with another, making all our work stronger.

Products & Services

We make mobile apps and camera lenses, cars and uniforms. Working at every stage of development, from concept to execution, we build compelling products and services around a clear vision.

Brands & Strategy

We create brands and communications with real impact, for tiny startups and multinational companies alike. The outputs are physical and digital, encompassing packaging, installations, identities, campaigns, and more.

Futures & Experimental design

We use design to shape what’s next. Recently, we researched what society will look like in 30 years for a global car brand, and prototyped a range of traditional wagashi confectionery to complement the modern day.

Awards and Accolades



Whether they’re making smartphone apps or art installations, the

rising stars at inter-disciplinary practice Takram Design Engineering

always have one foot in the future.


 an innovatice magazine on fashion, style,

 beauty & entertainment

Takram is a design engineering firm of the new age that features a multilateral

 development approach employing design and engineering perspectives

— dezeen;

 the world's most influential architecture,

 interior and design magazine