Takram is a place
for creative discovery.
For change-making partners,
for society, and for ourselves.

Takram is a place where new values get discovered and take shape. We work with changemakers from across businesses, organisations and society to explore future possibilities.


Pendulum thinking

Moving back and forth between different perspectives to understand multi-faceted issues, overcome fragmentation, and approach creative discovery.

Making and thinking, abstract and concrete, subjective and objective, digital and physical, logic and aesthetics. These are some of the many perspectives we take at Takram. We see ourselves as a pendulum, swinging between and across different disciplines and ideas, exploring new fields.

Pendulum thinking

Power of making

Design is about connecting people with technology, products, environments, and systems whilst pursuing beauty and comfort. Good design cannot be achieved without discussing, examining and nurturing the beauty of form, texture, colour and story. And same can be said for engineering and business. That's why we believe in and continue to refine the power of making.

Thought leadership

To develop concepts by sense-making and structuring findings from complex situations. To crystallise deep thought and discussion into a philosophy. To communicate and involve others in the process. To actively engage in conversations about design, business, technology and culture. And to propose new possibilities to society. We drive change through thought leadership.

Our values

Our values

Learn for life

Learning is a way of life for all of us at Takram, and it's the foundation that connects us all. This is driven by genuine curiosity and a desire to continually develop ourselves and our crafts. Without learning, we would not be able to explore ideas in depth or cross over into new areas of expertise. It's not just about work it's about everything we do.

Travel with openness

We interact with a wide range of people, ideas and cultures, without being bound by existing boundaries. It's like travelling, enjoying unexpected encounters and conversations, combining others' strengths and our own. It's about stepping out of our comfort zone and accepting opinions that may be painful to hear. We value the spirit of open-mindedness and the exploration of new worlds.

Act with goodwill

We aim to achieve a culture of trust, fewer rules and more freedom by putting goodwill at the foundation of our communication, behaviour and organisational design. We value imagination and tolerance and are open to dialogue about different ideas and opinions. We don't just believe in good intentions – we show them in our actions.


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Driven by curiosity and the joy of making things, we are passionate about discovering new values and giving them a shape.


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We work with change-makers from across businesses, organisations and society to explore new values. We look forward to hearing from you.


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