Athlete Dynamism

Data visualization of athlete body motion, 2017

While we all live everyday by moving various parts of our body unconsciously, athletes are specialists at doing this consciously. They control their body extremely precisely and challenge their sports with it. When the motion of athletes are visualized through a motion capture data, one can almost feel the athlete’s breathing from it. Furthermore, by removing elements such as competitiveness and scores from a sport, we can start seeing the true beauty of motion in a pure form.


Created for Exhibition "ATHLETE" at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT
Concept: Minoru Sakurai, Hisato Ogata (Takram)
Design & Engineering: Minoru Sakurai (Takram)
Technical Support: Keijiro Takahashi
Sound Design: Keiji Matsui (ECHO AND CLOUD STUDIO)
Cooperation with: JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL Japan Institute of Sports Sciences, Tetsu Yamada (Kanazawa University)

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