SIGGRAPH Asia 2024

Giving SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Its Brand Identity

We developed the brand identity for SIGGRAPH Asia 2024,* an international conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive technologies set to take place in Tokyo in December 2024.

* Scheduled for December 36, 2024, at the Tokyo International Forum.

SIGGRAPH, an international conference on computer graphics and interactive technologies, is held in North America each summer. Its Asian counterpart, SIGGRAPH Asia, rotates through various locations in the region each winter. When Tokyo was chosen to host the 2024 conference, we were commissioned to create the conferences brand identity.

The creative for this years event focuses on SIGGRAPH Asias theme of Curious Minds and evokes the history of SIGGRAPH and the research that has been published to date.

Specifically, the design is inspired by the SIGGRAPH 2022 motif of Procedural Texturing of Solid Wood with Knots, which exploited procedural textures* in its production process. Our approach captures these procedural textures three-dimensionally, reflecting the collective curiosity and innovation that define the SIGGRAPH community.

The design is based on a flexible system featuring a transformable logo, visuals, and typography, allowing a variety of layouts and expressions to be used. Because of this, it can be deployed across a range of media, including websites, posters, and venue decor.

*Procedural textures are generated by rendering 3D CGI mathematical models and are suitable for representing textures characterized by a degree of regularity.

Larsson, Ijiri, Yoshida, Huber, Fredriksson, et al. Procedural texturing of solid wood with knots Paper PDF, 3, Fig.5


Project Direction:

Hisato Ogata

Graphic Design:

Tomoro Hanzawa

Creative Coding:

Kanata Yamagishi (ex-Takram)


Onden Imaizumi BLDG
5-7-4 Jingumae
150-0001 Tokyo, JAPAN


First Floor
7 Bath Place
London EC2A 3DR, UK

New York

68 Jay Street, Suite 432, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA


109, 18F, L'Avenue
No.99, Xianxia Road, Changning District
Shanghai, China