Destination video of Andaz Tokyo

Andaz Tokyo brand promotion movie

Takrams design engineer and director Kotaro Watanabe collaborated with Andaz Hotel to celebrate the launch of Andaz Hotel Tokyo. Watanabe with his team created a film celebrating the world of Andaz and exotic charm of Toranomon, one of the historic and business districts in Tokyo.

Andaz Hotel announced the launch of Andaz Tokyo as the first Andaz Hotel in Japan followed by the success of its chain in London, New York, Hollywood, Shanghai and more. This long-waited supreme hotel opened on 11th June 2014 in Toranomon, Minato-ku Tokyo. Takram has been friends and close collaborators with Andaz Tokyo even before their hotel launch and collaborated in events such as Takram brew with Andaz Salon that took place in March 2014.

Takram was invited to make the destination video to celebrate the launch of Andaz Tokyo which was 12th hotel for Andaz group. Global in scale while local in perspective, Andaz Hotel delivers an innovative and sophisticated hospitality experience and reflects the unique cultural scene and spirit of the surrounding neighborhood. Each hotel invites the visitor with an original welcome film.

Concept: Connecting different values

For Andaz, Outside is Inside, the theme anchors the whole Andaz group and comes from the words of Arnaud de Saint-Exupéry, who is appointed as Andaz Tokyo General Manager. The film is designed to communicate this theme and rather than showing beautifully designed hotel interiors and abstract images, it tells a story of the town and people in and around Toranomon. The film celebrates the different values existing together: history and future; sophistication and playfulness; business and culture; global and local are just a few examples of attractions one can enjoy in and around Toranomon.

Business and Culture

History and Future

Global and Local

About Andaz Tokyo

Andaz Tokyo illustrates the face of Toranomon where traditional history and fast growing future meet.


Andaz hotel is inspired by and designed to reflect the local culture. The visitor will not only enjoy consuming the culture, but they can also be a part of this creative development and they can even become a representative of the local. The hotel offers visitors the joy and beauty of the local culture through its interior design, cuisine, dialogue.


Andaz hotel delivers a design in each city with is ambition and meets a high quality global standard, yet it embrace the appearance, sounds and flavours of the local environment. Diffusing a wide range of sensations, this place becomes a hot spot in a big city where one can discover new perspectives and values. The hotel welcomes visitors with genuine breed and supreme comfort, which makes the hotel unique beyond comparison.

Takram brew with Andaz Salon in March 2014


Creative Direction & Planning:
Kotaro Watanabe
Film Direction & Production:



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