Business card management app aka Japan de facto standard, 2012

Eight is a digital application designed for organizing business cards. Data is automatically digitized by scanning business cards on a smartphone. Once digitized, recorded data can be accessed from anywhere, including from smartphones, tablets, and computers, and can also be shared on SNS. Eight is an innovative product that proposes new alternatives to handling and managing business cards. Takram was responsible for the series of creative tasks associated with the software launch of this project.

CHALLENGE: Offering a Comprehensive Creative Service

Compared to the rest of the world where information is continually accumulated and digitized, business cards still remain on analog records. SanSan, Inc., the client of this project, is a company whose business revolves around business card management. For this project, Takram was involved in the entire sequence of creative service related to the launching of this software, including design, development, and promotion.

APPROACH: One-stop Creative Service

For this project, Takram was responsible for the entire sequence of creative service related to the market launch of this application. Takram offered support not only in designing the user interface and user experience but also in other areas such as billing/payment and communication strategies. Moreover, by collaborating with the client’s management team, Takram was able to strike a balance between solving the business and creative challenges.


Client: SanSan, Inc.
Creative Direction: Kinya Tagawa (Takram)
UI Design & Prototyping: Kinya Tagawa (Takram), Terushige Enatsu (Takram), Yoshinobu Kimura (ex-Takram)
Movie Direction: Ryo Inoue

© 2012 SanSan, Inc.

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