Konica Minolta OLED light Installation for Lighting Fair

Takram presented the OLED (organic light emitting diode) installation “Luminous Wings” with Konica Minolta at the Lighting Fair, Japan’s largest lighting trade show; held in Tokyo in February 2013. Konica Minolta’s unique membrane production technology has enabled OLED light panels to be produced over a flexible plastic base. This 60 mm x 150 mm OLED panel is paper-thin and has only 1/10 of the weight of a glass panel of the same size. Using two flexible panels, Takram designed and developed nine “luminous wings” that flicker and flutter in sync with music.

THEME: “Luminous Wings”

“Luminous Wings” is the long-term demonstration theme selected to draw out the “ultra-thin”, “lightweight”, and “flexible” quality of OLED panels by “Symfos,” Konica Minolta’s next-generation lighting brand. As the first installation of this demonstration theme, “Habataki – Light, Leap to the Future” expresses how OLED panels, which are expected to bring innovation to the lighting culture, takes flight and leaps into the future.

Project Information

Konica Minolta, Inc.


Project Lead & Design Engineering Direction:
Hisato Ogata
Installation Space Design:

Kaz Yoneda (ex-Takram)


So Kanno


Keiji Matsui