Lemon Hotel

VI and sound design for an artwork at Setouchi Triennale, 2016

“Lemon Hotel” is an artwork / accommodation produced by Smiles Co., Ltd., with graphic and sound design by Takram.

A traditional Japanese house was renovated into an art installation which can only be appreciated as a pair. A visitor would have to wait for someone else to arrive if s/he came on his / her own. After the closing of the installation each night, the venue turns into a hotel, whose general manager himself cooks a dinner course full of local lemons.

“This artwork is not like a painting or sculpture, but intangible and intimate like a reminiscence of your adolescent days.” says Smiles. The logo represents this concept through softly shaped multilingual scripts with a copy of “pure & sour”.

Lemon Hotel is now being exhibited at Setouchi Triennale 2016. Visiting the art installation does not require reservations. To stay, you can make a researvation at http://lemonhotel.jp/en


Client: Smiles Co., Ltd.
Creative Direction: Kotaro Watanabe (Takram)
Graphic Design: Kotaro Yamaguchi, Tomomi Maezawa and Maki Ota (Takram)
Web Design & Photography: Kotaro Yamaguchi and Terushige Enatsu (Takram)
Sound Design: Keisuke Oyama (Takram)

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