letter opener

Pencil-style letter opener for MoMA store, 2015

“letter opener” is a stainless paper knife shaped with a design shaved out of a hexagonal pencil. Its simple form allows the product to be stored on a pen stand or inside a pen case with other pieces of stationery. “letter opener” is made with a familiar size, and makes opening envelopes and wrappings easy. Although the mass-produced version has a matte finish, its original version has a luxurious mirror finish.

APPROACH: Stationery prototype

In 2010, Takram’s Kinya Tagawa and then-intern Jun Murakoshi collaborated on an internal project making prototype designs for a stationery item. For this project, about ten different stationery prototypes were created and exhibited. “letter opener” is one of the products of this project that was later commercialized.


Product design: Jun Murakoshi (ex-Takram), Kinya Tagawa (Takram)


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