Midnight Sun

Visit Finland web installation, 2014

Takram took part in the production of a web installation for Visit Finland’s official campaign website. The project enables users to experience the beautiful natural phenomenon caused by the 24-hour sunlight in Finland’s northern region of Lapland. The Art direction for this project was delivered by designers Timo Ramu and Jopsu Ramu of Musuta in Finland, with whom Takram already had a relationship. Takram was responsible for implementing Musuta’s artistic interpretation through technical direction and programming.

“Midnight Sun – The place where the sun never sets” demonstration website

THEME: Lapland’s beautiful night under the midnight sun

Every year during the months of June to August, Finland’s northern region of Lapland bathes in 24 hours of endless sunlight. This phenomenon, known as the “midnight sun,” has a quality that is different from dusk or dawn, but is somewhere in-between. It continues to attract people as something that is quiet, mystical, and out of the ordinary. For the people of Finland, who are blessed with four different seasons, this midnight sun serves as a basis for their life and deeply affects Finnish culture which, while endowed with rich expressions, also cherishes quietness.

TITLE: “Midnight Sun - Sun That Never Falls”

This work is an interactive web installation that extracts the beauty of the midnight sun. In order to create room for users to project themselves into the beautiful, poetic world caused by this natural phenomenon, the project is composed of a minimal number of elements using only the sky, horizon, sun, and moon. This project was a limited release during the summer season. Actual positions of the sun and the moon were derived through calculations to reflect how they are actually seen from Lapland, and Lapland’s ever-shifting sky-scape is reflected interactively within the website. Using webcams to shift visual perspectives, the project captures the shifting skies. With the sound of wood crackling in an open fire, users are able to virtually experience a lifestyle of spending time under Lapland’s midnight sun.


Client: Visit Finland
Agency: SEK & Grey Finland
Art Direction & Creative Direction: Musuta (Timo Ramu, Jopsu Ramu)
Technical Direction & Programming: Hisato Ogata (Takram)


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