RESAS Prototype

Award-winning big data visualization system for Japanese Government

RESAS is the world’s largest visualisation system for a nation’s economic big data. It allows users to have both an overview and specific insights to improve decision making.

The Japanese economy today, particularly the regional economy, faces severe structural issues caused by population decline along with other social factors. It is crucial for the regional economy to develop for nation’s economic growth. The objective of RESAS is to support small and medium sized businesses by providing valuable insights to local government decision-makers through data visualisation.

In order to allow users to have both an overview and specific insights, we designed two viewpoints, a geographical bird’s eye view and an analytical breakdown. These two viewpoints interact with each other - users can manipulate the map and the resulting datasets are examined in the analysis view in real time.

This project is unique in that it was the government’s first attempt to employ the iterative prototyping method when developing a software. Takram designed and developed the prototype version of RESAS. The production version which is based on this prototype is widely used by decision-makers in local regions.

Project Information




The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (Japan)


Cabinet Secretariat (Japan)





Creative Direction:
Kinya Tagawa
Technical Direction & Design:
Minoru Sakurai, Shota Matsuda,

Hironobu Kimura(ex-Takram)