Programming framework for data visualization and analysis

Takram developed “Theodolite,” a general-purpose programming framework for visualizing big data associated with geographical information.

Theodolite draws a virtual globe in 3D space, offering the ability to visualise objects on a detailed map. Presenting data from this perspective allows the audience to contextualise complex and large-scale datasets, enabling new levels of comprehension.

Theodolite implements basic functions required in data visualisation such as plotting data onto a map and loading data efficiently, enabling creators to focus on the visual representation of data and how it communicates to the audience.

Theodolite was initially developed for RESAS Prototype, an economic data visualiser for Japanese government, and is then now utilised for several other projects at Takram, including an automotive data visualisation, and Data Real, a big-data VR experience.

Project Information



Creative Direction & Software Engineering:
Minoru Sakurai, Shota Matsuda