UX/UI Design Renewal for Aeon Bank

Holistic digital design for banking services

Since 2017, Takram has been supporting Aeon Bank in redesigning their digital products, helping them to fulfil their vision of becoming a "friendly and convenient bank". Along with renewing their products, we created a set of design guidelines to keep the design language consistent throughout the bank's different applications.

Kakei-bu, the original expense tracker app

With "simple and convenient" as its main concept, we designed the bank's original expense tracking app "Kakei-bu" provides an intuitive interface for recording daily spending, while also offering small tips on spending or smart ways to save money.

The official app for Aeon Bank

We redesigned the whole flow and interaction of the official app of the bank, creating a more visually understandable interface and allowing colour customization to provide familiarity.

UI for ATMs

We renewed the UI design for ATMs with more legible typography, consistent colour themes and organised layouts.

Creation of original character Tamaru

We created the bank's official character, Tamaru. Tamaru is a piggybank fairy that looks after your records while striving to become a good advisor for you as well. The character is used in Kakei-bu, the original expense tracker app, as the user's partner, providing them with tips and information.


Client: Aeon Bank
Creative Direction: Kinya Tagawa (Takram), Shota Matsuda (Takram)
Art Direction: Kotaro Yamaguchi (Takram)
UI/UX Design: Shohei Hasegawa (Takram), Zijun Zhao (Takram), Terushige Enatsu (Takram), Satoru Osawa (Takram)
Design Research: Kyoko Takahashi (Takram)
Design Support: Ritsuka Komada (Takram)
Character Design: Kotaro Yamaguchi (Takram), Kyoko Takahashi (Takram)

Theme song for Kakei-bu
Movie: Kotaro Yamaguchi (Takram)
Music: Kyoko Takahashi (Takram), Hirofumi Nakamura

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