Revolutionary freight matching and resource management tool

TUMIX is a next-generation freight management tool for transport companies. Takram was responsible for the concept development, service design, prototype development, user interface design, and branding of the product.

TUMIX Official Website

What is TUMIX

The Japanese trucking industry, faced with challenges like driver shortage in recent years, has been seeking ways to reduce driver workload and increase productivity. Transport companies often struggle with data management as most of them still rely on phone, fax, paperwork, physical load boards, and other outdated tools to oversee fleet, facilitate orders, match freight with trucks, and process payment. TUMIX radically improves operations by enabling users to perform tasks efficiently through an easy-to-use cloud platform.

Online Load Board

Physical load boards limit the ability to streamline information within the company. The timeline UI on TUMIX, however, is intuitive as the platform is designed for users to manage complex freight arrangements with a few simple clicks. Driver shifts and delivery statuses are also reflected in real-time so that the company is aware of each driver's workload and can set up precise schedules without the danger of overbooking.

Driver's App

TUMIX allows transport companies to send instructions from the load board to the driver's mobile app in one click, eliminating unnecessary paperwork. Drivers that are in remote places can, in turn, keep supervisors up-to-date on the platform by posting their current work status to the app.

Truck and Load Matching

Finding the right carrier or load is quicker and effortless with TUMIX's intelligent matching function, which connects the load board to available trucks and freight with precision.

Naming and Branding

We coined the name TUMIX from two words'tsumi' and 'mix'. 'Tsumi', which means 'to stack something' or 'neatly stacked goods' in Japanese, depicts truckers efficiently hauling a wide range of cargo while 'mix' conveys the process of pairing the right load to the right trucks through the load boards.

Marketing Materials

In addition to the service and product design, we created the website, introduction video, printed material, and other marketing collaterals for the project.


Project Lead:
Keisuke Kambara
UI Design:
Ryosuke Fujii, Terushige Enatsu, Keisuke Kambara
Website Design & Coding:
Ryosuke Fujii
Design Research & Prototyping:
Minoru Sakurai, Ryosuke Fujii, Terushige Enatsu
Art Direction:
Kotaro Yamaguchi
Graphic Design:
Kotaro Yamaguchi, Terushige Enatsu,

Fiona Lin (ex-Takram)

Motion Graphics:

Fiona Lin (ex-Takram)

, Zijun Zhao, Kotaro Yamaguchi
Design Support:
Tatsuya Narita
Service Design & Business Development Advisory:
Motosuke Fukuda

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