Designing Signature Products That Embody the Brand’s Mission

We collaborated with Heian Shindo Kogyo Co., Ltd., on product planning, design, and brand direction of AIR SHELF. This brand stands as a beacon of innovation, aimed at acquainting users with Heian Shindo Kogyo's new corporate mission: Creating a culture of kurasugaethe flexibility to adapt living spaces as families grow and times change.

AIR SHELF, a collaborative effort between Heian Shindo Kogyo and Takram, introduces an avant-garde shelving product that employs a tension-rod mechanism. This project was inspired by the desire to realize Heian Shindo Kogyos mission of fostering a culture of kurasugae.

Previously, Heian Shindo Kogyo had specialized in creating furniture-like items that augmented living spaces using tension-rod technology. Embarking on a journey into the furniture sector, they aimed to link their corporate mission directly with consumer experiences, reimagining the interaction with furniture that traditional designs had overlooked.

AIR SHELF is a pioneering shelving system that features shelves floating elegantly without damaging walls thanks to the innovative use of tension rods. This design eliminates the need for permanent wall fixtures, allowing users to freely move shelves and adjust their heights. Such adaptability is perfect for responding to lifes changes, such as moving house or coping with evolving family needs. Despite their minimalist design, the 13.5-mm aluminum shelves are robust, being capable of bearing loads of up to 10 kg. This blend of aesthetics and utility is especially suited to rental properties, where wall alterations are often restricted.

Multiple units can be positioned side by side to convert an entire wall into a versatile storage space.

Furthermore, AIR SHELF aims to reduce the irritations of modern living. This includes minimizing visual clutter by hiding screws and adopting designs that conceal wiring. It also takes the stress out of installation, relocation, reassembly, and disposal that comes with larger furniture pieces.

AIR SHELF is a product of innovative thinking. Its crafted in keeping with the philosophy that users should experience the system as flexible and adaptable. It offers endless usability and everlasting amenity.

The systems adaptability is enhanced by a range of optional accessories designed to tailor the shelving to achieve your ideal specifications. Top left: Side-rail construction and cable access cover. Top right: Bookends specifically designed for AIR SHELF. Bottom left: Hooks for bags, posters, and hangers. Bottom right: Components for hiding power strips and other items.

Its scalable design, evolving seamlessly with changing needs and ongoing innovation, assures future-proof functionality.


Project Direction:

Naoaki Iwamatsu

Creative Direction:

Naoaki Iwamatsu

Strategy & Product Planning:

Naoaki Iwamatsu

Product Design:

Naoaki Iwamatsu


Ryoukan Abe

Interior Styling:

Yusuke Takeuchi


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