Brand design of a D2C probiotic supplement service for cats and dogs

To some, pets are part of their family, and their wellbeing is one of their deepest concerns. With our continued partnership with KINS, we assisted their branding of KINS WITH, a D2C probiotic supplement service for dogs and cats. Starting with research and brand concept building, we delivered a holistic design solution ranging from logo and package design all the way to the brand website and online-purchase experiences.

KINS WITH Official Website

Branding advisory

Before starting any of the design, we defined the mission, values and brand personality as the brand's core elements, and built product naming rules and other brand guidelines around it.

The brand colour of KINS WITH is Terracotta. It provides a sense of warmth but also embodies stability and vivacity. Furthermore, Terracotta is a man-made colour and material that has accompanied us throughout history, since time immemorial, just like our dear pets which KINS WITH takes care of.

KINS WITH website & social media

We also directed the design of the brand website and Instagram content.


Project Lead & Creative Direction:
Kanako Kawahara
Art Direction:
Kotaro Yamaguchi
Graphic Design & Package Design:
Shohei Hasegawa
Design Research & Coordination:
Kyoko Takahashi (ex-Takram)
Web Design:
Kanako Kawahara

Shinya Sato (Shinya Sato Photography Office)


Haruka Kanzaki


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