blue art – a journey in search of blue

Creative direction for Bombay Sapphire's brand experience

blue art a journey in search of blue is an exhibition to introduce Bombay Sapphire's brand to the Japanese creative community.

Throughout history blue has coloured human society: powdered lapis lazuli used as eyeshadow by Cleopatra; the Chefchaouen townscape in Morocco all painted in blue; and the blue jeans invented during the Gold Rush era in 19th century. Blue also lends its colour to the Bombay Sapphire brand.

Our idea was to hide the brand amongst a collection of intriguing stories relating to the colour blue. These stories came from the experiences of several key figures including a philosopher, an entrepreneur, a magazine editor and a musician.

We created two platforms; a website, and an exhibition which took place in Barneys New York Shinjuku and SHIBUYA TSUTAYA. The website featured interviews with the key figures, whilst the exhibition allowed visitors to see the objects that appeared in the interviews. These two platforms created room for the visitor to uncover the inspiration for the collection - allowing them to discover the Bombay Sapphire brand by themselves.

Takram took part as the creative director and planner. This role involved concept creation, exhibition and website design, as well as carrying out the interviews and facilitating talk events.

Exhibition space

Graphic Design



Creative Direction, Planning and Copywriting:

Kotaro Watanabe (Takram)

Web Design:

Terushige Enatsu (Takram)

Space Design Direction:

Cedric Carêmel (ex-Takram)

Art Direction and Graphic Design:

Tomomi Maezawa (ex-Takram)

Graphic Design Support:

Maki Ota (ex-Takram)


Noam Kollmann (ex-Takram)


Terushige Enatsu (Takram)


Taro Yumiba (Takram)


Yuki Shinohara (ex-Takram)

Interview and Writing:

Keita Fukasawa




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150-0001 Tokyo, JAPAN


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New York

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