Bouncing with MOTION & CONTROL

Global campaign for a manufacturer of machine parts, including bearings

We planned and produced the global campaign __ with MOTION & CONTROL for NSK Corporation, starting with Running with MOTION & CONTROL in 2020 and following it with Connecting and then Drawing. In 2023, under the theme of Bouncing, we were responsible for designing mechanisms and control systems as well as producing the finished video and graphics.

The campaign video showcases NSKs role in providing MOTION & CONTROL across various applications through its proprietary mechanisms. It illustrates NSKs push into the future, leveraging its ability to harness swift and accurate movements.

NSK stands out as one of the worlds leading bearing manufacturers, holding the third-largest market share in bearings globally. The company specializes in the bearings used in engines and motors for cars, trains, and aircraft, areas that demand exceptional precision and advanced technology. With its high level of technological expertise and product reliability, NSK has for many years been at the forefront of this industry.

__ with MOTION & CONTROL is a brand activation project based on NSKs vision for its current advertising campaign. Underpinning this vision are two consistent themes: the creation of novel movements and the application of MOTION & CONTROL. These themes are embodied by Takrams advanced engineering capabilities, which include prototyping, and NSKs products. The campaign aims to highlight the brands core attributes by showcasing NSK components that typically remain out of sight in daily lifein this case, bearingsthrough the lens of engineering excellence.

The 2023 project on the theme of bouncing involved months of iterative ideation and the prototyping of a machine based on NSKs Monocarrier. The aim was to build a mechanism that wasnt just feasible from an engineering perspective but also showcased precise and visually appealing movements, creating a dynamic visual depiction of NSKs technical prowess.

To realize the Bouncing projects highly challenging idea of flying and controlling a ball in the air, a physics simulator and a control system were developed. By iterating with this software, we achieved extremely precise movements without resorting to CGI.


Creative Direction:

Minoru Sakurai

Prototyping, Design & Development:

Tatsuya Narita

Prototyping, Software Simulation:

Satoru Osawa

Strategy & Planning:

Ken Fujiyoshi


Megumi Kanno

Graphic Design:

Tomoro Hanzawa

Sound Design:

Keisuke Oyama

Technical Direction & Development:

Shinya Matsuyama (siro)

Prototyping, Hardware Design & Development:

Yusuke Kamiyama (SPLINE DESIGN HUB)

Software Design & Development:

Hitsuji (silica)

Assembly & Tuning:

Ryoga Kano


Takayuki Katagiri (siro)


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5-7-4 Jingumae
150-0001 Tokyo, JAPAN


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7 Bath Place
London EC2A 3DR, UK

New York

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