Cradle of Light

Konica Minolta OLED light installation for Light + Building, 2014

Takram handled the design, production, and space direction for the demonstration of “Cradle of Light,” which is the world’s thinnest* flexible OLED panel with color-tunable* technology developed by Konica Minolta. The project was presented at the world’s largest lighting and architecture fair “Light + Building 2014” held in Frankfurt on March 30, 2014.

*As a flexible OLED panel (as researched by Konica Minolta).

CONCEPT: “Luminous Wings” Chapter Two - Cradle of Light

OLED (organic light emitting diode) is currently being talked about as the next-generation lighting technology that will take over LED. At the Lighting Fair 2013 held in March, Takram exhibited “Luminous Wings” to demonstrate the thin, light-weight, and flexible qualities of Konica Minolta’s OLED technology. The concept for the second chapter of this project is “Luminous Wings” Chapter Two - Cradle of Light: a source from which different lighting possibilities emerge. The term “Cradle of Life” refers to an ancient land where various organisms were born, and where human beings took their first step to evolution. Just as “life” was nurtured on this ancient land, Takram envisioned a space that nurtures a new breath of “light.” Cradle of Light is a place where various OLEDs are born and nurtured, shaping the new generation of the lighting culture.

DETAIL: Demonstration models

Based on the design development of three types of demonstration models, Takram presented the compelling qualities of the flexible OLED, which have become progressively thin and diverse.

1. Irodori

A slow-rotating model that layers, like the feathers of a peacock, the world’s first OLED panels with color-tuning technology. This model demonstrated the various expressions of the shifting colors. Panels were assembled in layers, and while they have color-tunable capacities, a consistent light emission was achieved throughout.

2. Ibuki

In this model, wind is used to make the world’s thinnest OLED panels of only 70 microns float in mid-air. In this model, the OLED panel is exhibited like a piece of feather flying through the air, as it flickers and dances lightly in the wind.

3. Habataki

This model is an extension of “Habataki” presented at the Lighting Fair in March 2013. Flexible panels, which are just beginning to take flight and leap into the future, are expressed even more effectively in a new spatial composition.




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