Global holiday campaign for ISSEY MIYAKE

FLORIOGRAPHY is a flower corsage and personal message to convey various emotions, meant as a gift.

For the 2018 holiday season, with the theme OF MANY COLOURS, ISSEY MIYAKE introduces flower corsages made of the brands special pleated textile in various colours.

During the holiday season, featured messages between gift senders and receivers were published on the website, gathering exchanges into a wondrous collection of personal stories.


Beautiful flowers can make us think about the
special people to whom wed want to send them
to put smiles upon their faces.
Pick a colour to give them.
Write down the feelings that you have for them;
feelings that might not always give words to.

Happy Holidays
Lets meet soon
Dinner on Wednesday?
I had a great time yesterday
I love you

For celebrations, gratitude, support or invitations.
For everyday or special occasions.

FLORIOGRAPHY is a flower corsage and personal
message to convey various emotions.


The holiday season is when we meet and think about those for whom we care. Why not take the opportunity to send them a flower, with a few special words that we don't often express? Your message will gently envelop a flower corsage.

Words and phrases such as "COLOURS", "YOU", and "STORY" are printed inside the bouquet as conversation seeds which the sender can circle, combine, and craft into a personal message. The handwritten letter becomes its own flower language, enabling a new story.


The flowers are created with the original Steam Stretch* material. Steam is applied to a square-shaped fabric to shrink it into the form of a flower.

*Steam Stretch is a technique by which creases are woven into a piece of cloth using heat reactive thread which shrinks when steam is applied.

Instagram short story

During the holiday season, we shared a series of short stories on Instagram; stories where emotional messages were exchanged along with photos.

You and I

Let's go see the winter ocean
Make a fire
And read books

We should buy some books first
We'll probably get something totally different

And I'm sending you a flower
It'll look good on your hat or jacket
But I think you will--

Have you received this letter of mine?
I'll wait a little more


We haven't got used to calling each other
By our first names
I feel a bit shy
So for now, I'll do so only in writing

It's getting even colder
Let's spend some time, slowly and cosily

Our homework for the winter:
- stargazing
- skating

I know I'm going to wear my read overcoat
If we are to meet on a snowy day


I remember your eyes
And the changing colours of the sunset in them

Colours that change slowly
Silence as a conversation

I got your letter earlier
And still carry it in my bag
Ripening in my mind

Every time I open my bag
My eyes meet the letter
Little by little, replying in my mind


Time whilst contemplating a response
Time whilst ink seeps into paper
Time whilst awaiting a reply

All sorts of time is
Enclosed in the envelope


Shells fell out of the envelope
Memories of the ocean from a while ago

We gave names to
Wave after billowing wave
That funny game we played that day

On the road by the shore
Lights quietly vanish behind
Layer by layer

A letter anchoring into memories past


Safe travels
We'll call each other once in a while

I'll probably miss you
I'm counting the letters I've got
Strange, I thought I had more
Our words were so proper back then

Imagining the opposite side of the world
Winter nights are so long

I got your letter today
Opened the envelope while flying upstairs
Deep breaths, then read
Again and again

A sigh of relief
Now, time for coffee. Or maybe champagne?


Creative Direction, Concept, Copywriting, Stories:
Kotaro Watanabe
Art Direction, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Illustration:
Kotaro Yamaguchi
Graphic Design, Web Design:
Takeshi Saijo (ex-Takram)

Yosuke Suzuki (erz)

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