Kubota Manjyu Gift Package

Gift package & shopping bag design for Kubota Manjyu

Kubota is a Japanese sake brand brewed by Asahi Shuzo since 1985, titled after their original shop in 1830, Kubota-ya. Within the lineups of Kubota, Kubota Manjyu is considered to be the best, a ‘junmai-daiginjo’ manufactured from 100% Niigata produced ingredients.

Takram created a new gift package design for Kubota Manjyu, inheriting their brand concept and identity. The new design uses the same brand symbol of brown bottle and white washi paper that they’ve always had, but taking it further, allowing its handlers to feel its materiality it has even more.

We have also organized their information, making the backstory of Asahi-Shuzo’s sake brewing available for English readers as well.


Client: Asahi-Shuzo Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
Creative Direction: Shota Matsuda (Takram)
Art Direction & Design: Kotaro Yamaguchi (Takram)
Design & Research: Kyoko Takahashi (Takram)
Research: Sho Nakagawa (Takram)

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