Design support for agricultural technology startup

Takram is offering design support to Legmin, an agricultural startup with the concept of "Vegetable growing through harmonious human-robot collaboration." We design the robots that they're currently developing, while also creating their presentation keynotes for meeting investors and pitch events, all in the hopes of contributing to their fundraising and growth.

Vegetable growing through human-robot collaboration

Legmin is a startup that aims to make agriculture more efficient by using robots. They are working on developing a robot that assists in seed sowing, pesticide application and harvesting while experimenting with mass cultivation of leafy vegetables, especially Japanese types of spinach. These robots are estimated to cover five times more land per farmer compared to traditional agricultural methods, allowing farmers to maintain large farms with a small number of people.

Concept Development for the Agricultural Robot

The agriculture-purposed robot will work on seed sowing, pesticide application and harvesting autonomously while working its way around a field. The robot is equipped with GPS and WiFi for measuring its position, a front camera for detecting any obstacles ahead, a bottom camera for observing vegetable and road conditions, a terminal for dock charging, emergency stop buttons and a control console.

Visual Storyboard for Robot Use

To better communicate the various functionalities of the robot, we created a comic book-style storyboard. The visuals communicate the intentions hidden within the various features of the robot, clarifying how and when they are used.

Business Plan Presentation Deck Design

We also clarified and redesigned the company's presentation deck for investors and pitch events. The document outlines the potential of agricultural automation business while highlighting some critical information such as figures that signify the social issues at hand, Legmin's unique solutions and future company milestones. To visualise and communicate the business in an honest manner, we also created materials such as photographs and videos of the robot at work.


Creative Direction:
Seitaro Taniguchi
Robot Design:
Seitaro Taniguchi
Editorial Design:
Shohei Hasegawa

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