motta Rebrand

Branding of handkerchiefs from a world view and vision

Together with Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, Takram rebranded motta, a handkerchief brand owned by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, as a pilot case for PARADE*.

*PARADE is a visionary branding team founded by Takram and Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten. The team offers consulting services focusing on visionary branding, supporting brands small and large in clarifying their visions, and establishing communication strategy based on it.

Updating the value of a handkerchief

Founded in 2013, motta originally shared a concept of a handkerchief for daily casual use, loved by many of its owners. However, as eight years had passed since its founding, and the lifestyle and values of consumers had changed dramatically, demanding the brand to reevaluate itself, not just in terms of functions, but also from fundamental value offering handkerchiefs provide. In addition, the brand needed to adapt to the modern digital commerce environment. Thus, the team was first tasked with the development of the brand vision.

The team first conducted research on handkerchiefs from all-possible perspectives, such as social / cultural / philosophical, to create the emotive world-view of handkerchiefs. The research developed into an ideation session where we generated more than 100 keywords for every scene where handkerchiefs are used, which was eventually sorted into three categories - Neutral, Ritual, and Celebration.

Creating the brand concept

Through these processes, we came up with a new brand concept: my handkerchief, my rhythm, motta. To best communicate this concept and the intangible value of handkerchiefs behind it, we updated the logo and packaging and developed the handkerchief perfume product category.

Handkerchief Perfume, an experience that exemplifies mottas brand value

A handkerchief is not just a product to dry our hands, but they are also an existence that watches over us throughout our day. Handkerchief Perfume pushes this further - by applying this unique perfume to a handkerchief, it acts like a spice, assisting us in navigating our own mood. Every time we unfold and use our handkerchiefs, the scent reminds us of how we wanted to be.

Online shop that also functions as a brand website

We designed the brand website to offer the functionality of an online shop, while also being a space that represents the brand vision. We worked on the media planning to communicate the brand vision in-depth and customer journey planning for navigating the viewers to multiple items sold online. The purchase experience was combined with digital-unique experiences such as embroidery simulation of the handkerchief, making the purchasing experience itself a way for customers to experience the brand vision.

Photography by Hideaki Hamada, Image made by Takram

From brand experience to the business model

We designed the customer journey, not just by combining digital and physical touchpoints with the customer, but we looked further, thinking about how motta might support the customer in the long term. This transition from a one-off sell=buy relationship to a long-term interactive relationship also influenced the renewed business plans / models.

Photography by Tomoro Hanzawa

Photography by Tomoro Hanzawa

Photography by Tomoro Hanzawa

Photography by Tomoro Hanzawa


Creative Direction:
Yasuhiro Sasaki
Business Strategy & Planning:
Yasuhiro Sasaki, Naoaki Iwamatsu
Art Direction:
Kotaro Yamaguchi
Graphic Design:
Kotaro Yamaguchi, Tomoro Hanzawa
Web Design:
Kanako Kawahara, Shohei Hasegawa
Web Development:



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