Brand concept and design of a new pair of scissors for Kokuyo

Takram was tasked by leading Japanese manufacturer of office supplies, Kokuyo Corporation (Kokuyo), to develop a brand concept for HASA scissors, and the product design for HASA-001.
The HASA scissors concept aims to sincerely pursue the most comfortable cut for long-lasting use.

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HASA-001 Intended for use in living and dining rooms as everyday scissors

Scissors that provide genuine craftsmanship for long-lasting use

Takram and Kokuyo's joint project team conducted extensive research to create Kokuyo's new high-end scissor brand targeting people who seek quality in their lives and daily tools.

The research showed that it is not uncommon for the same pair of scissors to be used for more than ten years, indicating that these are tools that become an integral part of a substantial period of peoples lives.

Another noticeable trend was that users do not choose their tools based on superficial functions. They are able to judge for themselves that tools with exaggerated designs that over-emphasise complex functionality are not always ideal for long-term use.

From these findings, the project sought to provide superior cutting with a comfortable grip for long-lasting use by selecting the right materials and best methods that would prevent the product from deteriorating over time. Moreover, we decided that our goal would be to create a pair of scissors that fit into peoples daily lives using a style that is neither eccentric nor likely to go out of fashion while focusing on providing genuine and honest craftsmanship rather than superfluous functionality.

HASA Series HASA-003, HASA-001, HASA-002 (From left)

Developing a brand that honors the essence of scissors

By using processes and parts of a higher price range and combining these with the design engineering expertise of Kokuyo and the manufacturing technology of the 100-year old cutlery manufacturer Kaijirushi, HASA's products are able to offer a superb clean cut.

However, in reality, there is no universal design for blades that can demonstrate the best cut for all objects: a straight blade is ideal for delicate tasks, like cutting paper in a straight line; on the other hand, a curved blade is preferable for cutting thick cardboard with minimal force.

With HASA, we made sure we were honest about the fact that there is no perfect design for scissor blades, sincethe design of a pair of scissors can limit its functionality depending on its use. Therefore, as a new product brand, HASA aimed not to adhere to a single blade design.

We thus developed multiple products using different blade designs which form a brand family in order to offer a comfortable clean cut in various situations.

HASA-001 Grip

The pursuit for meticulous design

HASAs design arose from the study of many different shapes.

In order to blend in with the users living space, the scissors have a non-eccentric, non-deceptive, genuine design when viewed from the front, and a comfortable grip formed as a result of adjusting the shape as you look at it from the side.

The grip is constructed from two types of smooth surfaces, one for the side, and the other for the front and back. The sides of the grip should have a pleasant feel and aim for high usability as that is where the fingers touch. The front and back surfaces were chosen to be something that would blend in to the environment, with a sense of calmness and a texture that makes scratches barely noticeable.

HASA-001 側面

A design language that matches a diverse lineup

To create a consistent brand identity across all HASA products, the grip uses the same design language even if the blade structure may differ from product to product.

Carefully defining silhouettes, ridges and cross-sections of specific points, the design language shapes versatile, organic forms that are applicable to a variety of products. This ensures that every HASA product has the signature HASA grip.

HASA 基本デザイン言語(部分)

Style that can continue to be loved

The calming appearance of the shot blasted stainless steel blades and the two types of textured resin surfaces for the grip exist in harmony with the living environment. HASA aims to maintain a style that people will love and want to keep using for decades.


Project Direction:
Sho Tanaka
Concept Development:
Sho Tanaka, Daiki Nakamori
Product Design (HASA-001):
Sho Tanaka, Daiki Nakamori

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