Experience design for a Japanese personal care brand flagship

We helped ORBIS, a Japanese DTC skincare and beauty brand founded in 1987, launch their 'SKINCARE LOUNGE BY ORBIS' flagship in Omotesando, Tokyo. Takram's Hisato Ogata led the creative direction of this project, which included the design of visual identity, experiential content, printed material, merchandise, moving images, wayfinding signage, digital platforms, and in-store music.

For several years, we worked closely with our partner architect Momoko Kudo to conceptualise a physical destination that embodied the brand philosophy 'discover comfort for your skin'.

Designed to offer customers a tactile, engaging, and personalised retail experience, the completed facility features a juice bar, skin analysis counter, bottle customisation station, and product display on the ground floor; and a facial spa, workshop area, and powder room with personal booths on the second.


Visual identity

The logo, in-store signage, printed material, graphics, illustration, and other visual elements were developed by Takram.

Produced by composer duo BGM LAB. (Yuri Miyauchi and Kenji Kihara), the background music streamed in-store is different for each floor and is engineered to blend harmoniously when played together, creating a serene atmosphere that calms the senses. The tracks are released on vinyl and sold on-site as exclusive merchandise. We gave both sides of the record a different graphic design.

My bottle

We created a range of graphics for the ORBIS U bottles that customers can choose from when they purchase a facial toner from the series.

Website & Juice bar cooler check

A calm and peaceful aesthetic was applied across all digital touchpoints – from the website and product container customisation page to the colour analysis app at the juice bar that matches customers with the right menu item.

Digital signage

The in-store signage displays up-to-date event and reservation availability information.


We also created the animation for the ORBIS U product tutorials and all other content used on site.

Project Information



Project Lead & Creative Direction:
Hisato Ogata
Art Direction & Design:
Taro Yumiba
Graphic Design:

Maki Ota (ex-Takram)

, Tomoro Hanzawa, Ray Masaki (ex-Takram),

Ritsuka Komada (ex-Takram)


Maki Ota (ex-Takram)

Web Design:
Shohei Hasegawa
Software Engineering:
Hisato Ogata, Jonathan Nesci
Engineering & Prototyping:
Tatsuya Narita
Architecture & Space Design:

Momoko Kudo (MMA Inc.)

Cafe & VMD:

George Creative Company



In-store Music:

BGM Lab.

Web Development:

intelligentnet inc.

Hisato Ogata

Hisato Ogata

Design Engineer, Project Director

Taro Yumiba

Taro Yumiba

Art Director, Project Director

Tomoro Hanzawa

Tomoro Hanzawa

Graphic Designer

Shohei Hasegawa

Shohei Hasegawa


Jonathan Nesci

Jonathan Nesci

Design Engineer

Tatsuya Narita

Tatsuya Narita

Prototyping Engineer, Designer