Data visualisation tool by the Government of Japan, 2020

In June 2020, The Cabinet Office of Japan released V-RESAS, a website for analysing and visualising the economic impact of COVID-19 within Japan. The website shows data such as people's movement, food and goods consumption, and trips and stays. Takram directed the concept making, UX/UI design, and visualisation of the website.
*Takram worked on this project with a commission from the Teikoku Databank, Ltd., and Suzuyo Shinwart Corporation, principal companies of the project. The project was passed on to a new management body in July 2021; thus, some of the designs and functionalities might differ from what is described on this page.



V-RESAS is a tool that offers insight into the impact of COVID-19 on all industries on a regional scale for decision-makers of businesses large and small. The data is updated every week, allowing users to plan and manage their business resources based on the region's economic and social status.

The letter V of V-RESAS was given after "Vital Signs of Economy," hoping that V-RESAS would function as a cardiogram of the economy.

Visualisation in different categories

Screenshot of the website

Number of people at representative measuring locations

Change in sales seen through POS data


Client: Cabinet Office, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan
Project Management: TEIKOKU DATABANK, LTD.
Direction: Kinya Tagawa (Takram)
Data Visualisation: Shota Matsuda (Takram), Minoru Sakurai (Takram), Masato Nomiyama (Takram), Satoru Osawa (Takram)
UI Design: Kanako Kawahara (Takram), Shota Matsuda (Takram)
Illustration: Kotaro Yamaguchi (Takram), Tomoro Hanzawa (Takram)
Data Direction: Hiromu Nishiuchi
Front-end Implementation: Neos Corporation, Shota Matsuda (Takram)
Back-end Implementation and Data Management: WingArc1st Inc., TEIKOKU DATABANK, LTD.

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