Yahoo! JAPAN Contents Tree

Big data visualization for Yahoo! JAPAN, 2017

Takram designed the entrance visuals for the reception of Yahoo! JAPAN 's new head office at Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho. These visuals were created using Yahoo! JAPAN content hierarchy data, and express the huge range of Yahoo's content. The hierarchical data used as part of the visualisation is updated daily, showing how the company continues to change.

Takram produced a number of prototypes to visualise the the breadth and depth of data and hierarchy of the more than 100 services provided by Yahoo! JAPAN through their website. Fractal tree visuals were adopted, overlapped with images that flourish in the networked space; the the random nature of the data and hierarchy itself gives the more organic elements of the visualisation.


Client: Yahoo! JAPAN Corporation
Direction: Takram
Art Direction: Takram
Creative Direction: Kinya Tagawa (Takram), Minoru Sakurai (Takram)
Design, Software Engineering, Prototyping: Minoru Sakurai (Takram), Satoru Osawa(Takram)


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