SHIMIZU S-Pulse Brand Renewal

Rebranding a Japanese J.League Football Club

Shimizu S-Pulse, a football club in the J.League (Japan’s professional football league) unveiled a new visual identity in December 2019. The rebrand, led by Takram's Kinya Tagawa, introduces a modernised logo, which has been used since the start of the 2020 season.

S-Pulse Rebranding Launch

Rather than coming up with an entirely new logo, we decided to build on the previous design, which was based on feedback from loyal fans and supporters, and in preserving the orange club colour, we were passing on Shimizu S-Pulse's legacy to the next generation.

The new crest underwent a two-year iteration process before arriving at the final design. Orange has been made the primary logo colour whilst the upper section of the shield has been modified to bear a greater resemblance to the iconic shape of Mount Fuji's perfect cone to symbolise the team's representation of Shizuoka – the home of Mount Fuji. We retained the three blue stripes, which represent the club's philosophy – “Common Dream, Common Excitement, Common Pride” – and updated the club name typography and placement to communicate sportsmanship and integrity. The enhanced Earth icon symbolises the club's world-class performance.


Creative and Art Direction: Kinya Tagawa (Takram)
Emblem Design: Ken Okamoto (Ken Okamoto Design Office), Yamato Iizuka(Ken Okamoto Design Office), Kinya Tagawa (Takram), Daiki Nakamori (Takram)
Typeface Design: Ken Okamoto (Ken Okamoto Design Office), Yamato Iizuka(Ken Okamoto Design Office)
Character Design: Maki Ota (Takram)
Motion Graphic Design: Zijun Zhao (Takram)
Application Design: Takram, Ken Okamoto Design Office
Design Research and Concept Making: Takram


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